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Mike D, Soundtrack: Star Trek Beyond. Mike D formed the Beastie Boys with Adam Yauch in 1981, soon adding Adam Horovitz to the group. They started out as a punk band, but they found their calling with hip-hop music. In 1985, they opened for Madonna on her famous 'Like a Virgin' tour. The Beastie Boys gained huge success with numerous albums and tours, then later founded their own ... 'Mike D'Orso is a natural-born storyteller with a sure feel for the foibles of human nature. He doesn't varnish his characters, and in the process, he makes the reader care deeply about them.'--The Detroit Free Press 'Mike D'Orso is lucid. He is vivid. He is graceful. He is sensitive. He is full of facts. Mike D formed the Beastie Boys with Adam Yauch in 1981, soon adding Adam Horovitz to the group. They started out as a punk band, but they found their calling with hip-hop music. In 1985, they opened for Madonna on her famous 'Like a Virgin' tour. The Beastie Boys gained huge success with numerous albums and tours, then later founded their own record label and magazine called Grand Royal in 1993. Doctor Mike Hansen, MD, is a medical doctor who is an internist, an intensivist, and a pulmonologist. In other words, he specializes and board certified in internal medicine, critical care medicine, and pulmonary disease. Doctor Mike Hansen mission is to make a dent in this world by impacting the health, and lives, of as many people as possible. Mike Dee aka Michael Durodola was staying with rapper Pop Smoke in Teddi Mellencamp’s home in the Hollywood Hills on February 19. Around 4:30 a.m., Smoke was shot dead inside of the Airbnb ... Mike D's BBQ is a line of signature BBQ sauces and award winning seasonings. Our products are perfect on any meat or vegetable. Perfect on the grill or inside. Catch us on Discovery Channel's I Quit airing Saturday's at 10 pm! Contact. Open menu. Home About us Blog ... M & D Draft Guide is SOLD OUT. Welcome. Mike Detillier, based in southern Louisiana, is editor and publisher of Mike Detillier's NFL Draft Report. He's also the college and pro football analyst for WWL 870 AM Radio in New Orleans, a sports columnist for several newspapers and Web sites, and a frequent guest on radio and television programs ... Mike Hernandez of Fort Worth is owner and CEO of D&M Leasing, and owner and dealer principal of Four Stars Ford, Four Stars Chevrolet Buick, Four Stars Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, and Four Stars Toyota. He is a member of the National Automobile Dealers Association and the Texas Automobile Dealers Association. Mr. Hernandez is also […] ('I'm Mike D and I get respect Your cash and your jewelry is what I expect') MCA was with it and he's my ace So I grabbed the piano player and I punched him in the face The new track opens with Mike D and Ad-Rock doing their own version of Flavor Flav’s intro from the original track, remembering hearing Public Enemy’s original demo tape in 1985.

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2020.09.30 19:34 jlfh01 Should I attempt this trade?

I haven’t panicked after Saquon Barkley went down. I’m sitting at 2-1, but I feel like I need to add something to my team. The person I’m offering this trade is very tight end needy. We’ve all been in this league for almost 10 years so everyone is very wary of each other in trades. That’s why I added Ronald Jones, plus I don’t really feel like I’ll ever be comfortable starting him. Should I do this, maybe a little differently, or should I just keep what I got?
Standard scoring, 12 team league. My team is:
QB: Lamar Jackson RB: Darrell Henderson RB: Devin Singletary WR: Tyler Lockett WR: Kenny Golladay TE: Mike Gesicki FLEX: Antonio Gibson DEF: LA Rams K: Jason Myers
Bench: Hayden Hurst, AJ Green, Ronald Jones, Laviska Shenault, Christian Kirk, Chase Edmonds, Jeff Wilson Jr.
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2020.09.30 19:30 MrSaxobeat2000 ANTM Complete Instagram Ranking (October 1-7, 2020)

Again, PLEASE go and follow at least some of these people! There are still way too many drops, some of which make absolutely no sense whatsoever! Anyway~
Last Week's Ranking: https://www.reddit.com/ANTM/comments/iydd7f/antm_complete_instagram_ranking_september_2430/

1 - Chantelle C21 (@winnieharlow) - 8,323,518

2 - Eva C3 (@evamarcille) - 4,158,605

3 - Don C20 (@donbenjamin) - 2,117,157

4 - Nyle C22 (@nyledimarco) - 1,801,262

5 - Keith C21 (@keithcarlos) - 1,005,242

6 - Jessica C14 (@jessicamichel) - 801,007

7 - Matthew C21 (@matthewstephensmith) - 754,318

8 - Allison C12 (@alliharvard) - 687,083

9 - Natasha C8 (@natashagalkina) - 627,927

10 - Dustin C22 (@markdmafia) - 417,569

11 - Justine C23 (@justinemaebiticon) - 396,383

12 - Khrystyana C24 (@khrystyana) - 372,864

13 - Lisa C13 (@lisaaramos) - 372,982

14 - Sandra C24 (@sandrashehab) - 326,268

15 - Eboni C18 (@eboneedavis) - 323,950

16 - Lacey C22 (@thelaceyclaire) - 323,703

17 - Yaya C3 (@yayadacosta) - 316,706

18 - Tatiana C23 (@tatianaelizabethh) - 276,835

19 - Jeana C24 (@jeanaturner) - 239,249

20 - Jourdan C20 (@lovejourdan) - 219,268

21 - Toccara C3 (@iamtoccarajones) - 196,781

22 - Mame C22 (@mameadjei4) - 196,529

23 - Cassandra C5 (@cassandrapants) - 191,287

24 - Marvin C20 (@marvincortes1) - 191,242

25 - India C23 (@indiagants) - 190,309

26 - Liberty C24 (@thelifeoflibs) - 189,385

27 - Ava C22 (@avacapra) - 188,058

28 - Will C21 (@williamjardell) - 187,812

29 - Sophie C18 (@sophiesumner8) - 184,456

30 - Adrianne C1 (@adriannecurry) - 173,753

31 - Yoanna C2 (@yomania) - 156,067

32 - Justin C22 (@justindkim) - 154,528

33 - Natalie C12 (@nataliepack) - 153,840

34 - Cory C20 (@corywadeofficial) - 152,782

35 - Isis C11 (@msisisking) - 152,120

36 - Courtney C23 (@courtneypaigenelson) - 149,264

37 - Kyla C24 (@kylasorad) - 141,836

38 - Fatima C10 (@fatimasiad) - 133,660

39 - AzMarie C18 (@azmarieofficial) - 133,220

40 - Raina C14 (@rainmonsterr) - 126,797

41 - Nina C20 (@ninaburns) - 123,720

42 - Lisa C5 (@lisa_damato) - 123,132

43 - Jeremy C20 (@jeremyrohmer) - 122,392

44 - Renee C20 (@reneebigtime) - 112,068

45 - Maggie C24 (@maggiekeating) - 111,349

46 - Danielle C6 (@danievans1) - 109,847

47 - Analeigh C11 (@analeighctipton) - 109,127

48 - Mikey C22 (@murdasworld) - 98,365

49 - Krislian C23 (@misskrislian) - 96,047

50 - Eugena C7 (@eugenawashington) - 91,655

51 - Adam C21 (@adam.smith) - 88,881

52 - Devin C22 (@devinljclark) - 88,657

53 - Phil C20 (@insightphil) - 86,009

54 - Laura C19 (@lauraellenjames) - 85,937

55 - Leila C19 (@leilss4reals) - 84,528

56 - Ben C21 (@benschreen) - 84,109

57 - Caridee C7 (@carideeenglish) - 83,302

58 - Chris H. C20 (@iam_chrish) - 81,932

59 - Naima C4 (@naimamora) - 81,599

60 - Hadassah C22 (@thisishadassah) - 75,403

61 - Laura C13 (@laura_allstar) - 74,592

62 - Kari C21 (@karixmichelle) - 72,127

63 - Shei C21 (@shei_p) - 71,435

64 - Fo C12 (@fopopps) - 69,032

65 - Bianca C9 (@biancagolden) - 66,651

66 - Paige C23 (@paigemobley) - 65,089

67 - Raelia C21 (@raelialewis) - 64,400

68 - Kanani C20 (@_kananiandaluz) - 61,942

69 - Krista C14 (@iamkristawhite) - 59,833

70 - Denzel C21 (@iam_denzelwells) - 58,378

71 - Coryanne C23 (@corylovesyou) - 57,319

72 - Cherish C23 (@icherishwaters) - 56,484

73 - Leah C3 (leah.darrow) - 55,513

74 - Sundai C13 (@sundailove) - 55,130

75 - Mike C20 (@mikescocozza) - 53,297

76 - Bre C5 (@brescullark) - 48,601

77 - Brittany C13 (@in_rooms) - 47,927

78 - Giah C23 (@just_giah) - 46,795

79 - Saleisha C9 (@salstowers) - 45,226

80 - Kathleen C8 (@kdujour) - 44,070

81 - Marissa C23 (@marissa_hopkins) - 43,665

82 - Ivana C24 (@ivanawest) - 40,320

83 - Stacy Ann C10 (@topmodelstacyann) - 39,268

84 - Whitney C10 (@whitneyantm) - 38,367

85 - Shanice C24 (@girlthatshanice) - 37,505

86 - Brittani C16 (@official_brittkline) - 36,632

87 - Molly C16 (@mollyaoconnell) - 36,604

88 - Yvonne C19 (@yvonnesimone) - 35,515

89 - Erin C24 (@itseringreen) - 34,820

90 - Stefano C22 (@stefanochurchill) - 33,363

91 - Bella C22 (@bellainabottle) - 33,294

92 - Coura C24 (@coura_sasha) - 32,898

93 - Delanie C22 (@delaniearin) - 32,576

94 - Hannah C16 (@hannahkatjones) - 32,476

95 - Kyle C23 (@smile4kyle) - 31,828

96 - Erin C13 (@erinwagner) - 31,710

97 - Keenyah C4 (@keenyah.hill) - 30,929

98 - Sandra C12 (@sandranyanchoka) - 30,806

99 - Ivy C21 (@ivytimlin) - 30,620

100 - Joanie C6 (@joaniesprague) - 29,481

101 - Kiara C19 (@thekiarabelen) - 29,063

102 - Christina C24 (@christinamariaam) - 28,800

103 - Giselle C1 (@gisellelsam) - 28,375

104 - Mercedes C2 (@mercedes.yvette) - 28,340

105 - Alex C20 (@alexandraagro) - 27,085

106 - Victoria C19 (@victoriahenley) - 27,059

107 - Rhiyan C24 (@rhiyanalexis) - 27,053

108 - Ann C15 (@annmward91) - 26,850

109 - Courtney C22 (@courtney_duperow) - 26,567

110 - Shannon C1 (@shannonstewartratliff) - 26,095

111 - Anchal C7 (@anchaljoseph) - 26,090

112 - Atalya C10 (@atalyas) - 24,506

113 - Celia C12 (@celiaammerman) - 23,444

114 - Bianca C20 (@itsbiancaalexa) - 23,338

115 - Nicole C5 (@nlinkletter) - 23,163

116 - Brendi K. C24 (@brendi.k.seiner) - 23,038

117 - Liz C24 (@f3mm3n1stn1ghtm4r3_) - 22,502

118 - Monique C16 (@moniquevictoria) - 21,157

119 - Aminat C12 (@topmodelaminat) - 20,525

120 - Brittany C4 (@brittanybrower) - 20,491

121 - Sara C2 (@sararaceytabrizi) - 19,779

122 - Ann C3 (@annalainamarks) - 19,649

123 - Allyssa C19 (@allyssathebrazilian) - 19,448

124 - Dominique C10 (@dominiquereighard) - 19,146

125 - Sheena C11 (@sheenasakai) - 18,951

126 - Kristin C19 (@kristinfkagay) - 18,827

127 - April C2 (@aprilwilkner) - 18,415

128 - Laura C18 (@llafrate) - 18,137

129 - Angelea C14 (@angeleapreston) - 18,130

130 - Kacey C15 (@kalbarbie) - 17,024

131 - Katie C1 (@katiecleary11) - 16,827

132 - Kortnie C12 (@kortniecolesreeves) - 15,117

133 - Jiana C20 (@jianadavis) - 15,073

134 - Nastasia C19 (@nastasiascott) - 14,933

135 - Lauren Brie C11 (@brieharding) - 14,678

136 - Romeo C21 (@paranormal_papi) - 14,490

137 - Annaliese C18 (@annaliesedayes) - 13,704

138 - Binta C23 (@babybinta) - 13,583

139 - Wendy C6 (@wendy_maria) - 12,900

140 - Alasia C14 (@iamalasia) - 12,792

141 - Lisa C9 (@mzlisajackson) - 11,949

142 - Kahlen C4 (@kahlencrondot) - 11,502

143 - Kim C5 (@kimmystolz) - 11,429

144 - Chantal C9 (@chantygriffiths) - 11,319

145 - Leslie C6 (@eclecticinthecity) - 10,484

146 - Jade C6 (@jadecworld) - 10,404

147 - Jael C8 (@eureka.secrets) - 10,071

148 - Brittany C19 (@brittbrownmeow) - 9,916

149 - Melrose C7 (@melrosemoney) - 9,219

150 - Camille C2 (@camillemcdonald) - 9,004

151 - Teyona C12 (@teyonaasia_anderson) - 8,296

152 - Nicole C16 (nicolemlucas) - 7,821

153 - Lluvy C4 (@lluvy) - 7,764

154 - Nik C5 (@nikpace) - 7,732

155 - Mila C9 (@officialmissionlean) - 7,555

156 - Nicole C1 (@nicolepanattoni) - 7,530

157 - Joslyn C11 (@joslynpennywell) - 7,157

158 - Cody C23 (@rar3cod33) - 7,041

159 - Kasia C16 (@kasiafierce) - 6,965

160 - Chris S. C20 (@cschellenger) - 6,913

161 - Furonda C6 (@furonda) - 6,883

162 - Jennipher C3 (@j.urlacher) - 6,878

163 - Christian C7 (@christianthegem) - 6,844

164 - Ashley C5 (@ashleyo2go) - 6,736

165 - Amanda C3 (@amandaswafford) - 6,262

166 - Rio C24 (@officialriosumm) - 6,255

167 - Shandi C2 (@shanthraxttm) - 6,236

168 - Sharaun C11 (@sharaunb) - 6,025

169 - Bianca C13 (@thebiancachardei) - 6,010

170 - Monique C7 (@stateena) - 5,933

171 - Alexandra C14 (@alexundy) - 5,560

172 - Mckey C11 (@mmamckey) - 5,534

173 - Candace C18 (@cms_moda) - 5,483

174 - Clark C11 (@clarkflorian) - 5,472

175 - Lauren C10 (@gutterutter) - 5,427

176 - Chlea C20 (@londonfbby) - 5,401

177 - Tash C23 (@tashiiitsunamiii) - 5,138

178 - Jennifer C13 (@thejennan) - 5,042

179 - Rachel C13 (@rae_raelovesyou) - 4,981

180 - Gabrielle C14 (@gabriellekniery) - 4,847

181 - Mariah C18 (@mariahwatchman) - 4,864

182 - Sarah C9 (@sarahbhartshorne) - 4,703

183 - Brenda C14 (@brendaarens_g) - 4,695

184 - Samantha C11 (@sampotter20) - 4,605

185 - Mikaela C16 (@mikaelaschipani) - 4,604

186 - Jessie C19 (@rainbowbrite) - 4,487

187 - Ebony C5 (@mybellefamille) - 4,141

188 - Kimberly C9 (@kimieabreak) - 4,132

189 - Claire C10 (@claireunabia) - 4,099

190 - Jaclyn C16 (@jaclynkathryne) - 3,558

191 - Kyle C18 (@ashleyconley) - 3,509

192 - Chelsey C15 (@churless472) - 3,499

193 - Lexie C15 (@thanksitwasonsale) - 3,402

194 - Dionne C8 (@januaryjames_) - 3,328

195 - Alexandria C16 (@alexandriaeverett88) - 3,312

196 - Destiny C19 (@destiny_strudwick) - 3,236

197 - Nijah C12 (@nijah_h) - 3,224

198/9 - Diana C8 (@diana.zalewski) - 3,219

199/8 - Nicole C13 (@seethrueye) - 3,219

200 - Anamaria C15 (@aana) - 3,194

201 - George (Sara) C16 (@borderbrujx) - 3,086

202 - Whitney C8 (@whitsittoya) - 3,042

203 - Brandy C4 (@brandyrusher) - 2,943

204 - Brooke C7 (@brookiemiller) - 2,841

205 - Alisha C18 (@iamalishawhite) - 2,751

206 - Jayla C5 (@jaylanr) - 2,683

207 - Darian C19 (@darianellisxo) - 2,661

208 - Simone C14 (@bisoobyedithnancy) - 2,655

209 - Lulu C13 (@amethystmami) - 2,649

210 - Jessica C12 (@jessicajoan89) - 2,348

211 - Ren C14 (@moonanimalkid) - 2,302

212 - Rhianna C15 (@gothgirlriri) - 2,295

213/4 - Sarah C8 (@sarahvanderhaar) - 2,278

214/3 - Ebony C1 (haithebony) - 2,278

215 - Mollie Sue C6 (@molliegondi) - 2,268

216 - Nnenna C6 (@theofficialnnennaagba) - 2,218

217 - Jaeda C7 (@jaedanichole) - 2,203

218 - Coryn C5 (@corynrw) - 2,144

219 - Ashley C13 (@lorellehoward) - 2,086

220 - Jasmia C18 (@jasmiarobinson) - 2,063

221 - Jenascia C2 (@dirty.planties) - 1,956

222 - Ambreal C9 (@ambrealricole) - 1,856

223 - Amis C10 (@juicyjenks) - 1,817

224 - Kelle C3 (@kellejacob) - 1,751

225 - Ashley C22 (@ashleymolina__) - 1,601

226 - Megg C7 (@meggmorales) - 1,487

227 - Xiomara C2 (@model2medicalaesthetics) - 1,449

228 - Anna C2 (@annamariecapilli) - 1,437

229 - Jane C15 (@janerandall15) - 1,432

230 - Kendal C15 (@kendal_bug) - 1,419

231 - Janet C9 (@peachy_janet) - 1,374

232 - Seymone C18 (@seymone.cf) - 1,326

233 - Kara C13 (@karabvincent) - 1,319

234 - Megan C7 (@proper_instinct) - 1,208

235 - Dominique C16 (@understandind) - 1,191

236 - Robin C1 (@robbynemanning) - 1,152

237 - Tatiana C4 (@tatidante) - 1,137

238 - Chris C15 (@ft.minx) - 1,131

239 - Liz C15 (Shelli_monroe) - 1,107

240 - Julie C3 (@ninewestjewel) - 956

241 - Brooke C6 (@bzenver) - 913

242 - Mirjana C21 (@mirjanapuhar) - 909

243 - Aimee C10 (@aimeenicki) - 884

244 - Samantha C8 (@samanthafrancis_franks) - 852

245 - Amanda C7 (@amandababin9) - 836

246 - Tessa C1 (@tessacarlson) - 810

247 - Allison C10 (@allisonkuehn_astrology) - 778

248 - Diane C5 (@drock_2222) - 776

249 - Kyle C5 (@kysharee19) - 774

250 - London C12 (@levilauren) - 727

251 - Angelia C16 (@angelia_marie) - 721

252 - Naduah C14 (@thenaduah) - 699

253 - Kari C6 (@karijoestes) - 694

254 - Terra C15 (@terralynn15) - 680

255 - Nicole C3 (@elocinjay) - 664

256 - Brittany C8 (@corinnehatch) - 662

257 - Bethany C2 (@insidebethanysworld) - 623

258 - Isabella C12 (@kelly.marie.falk) - 610

259 - Norelle C3 (@norelle_griffith) - 600

260 - Magdalena C3 (@magdarivas) - 585

261 - Marjorie C11 (@marjconrad) - 566

262 - Michelle C4 (@chellcarlsen) - 540

263 - Maria C19 (@mariatucker3) - 514

264 - Marvita C10 (@marvita.washington) - 454

265 - Anslee C14 (@ansleepayne) - 449

266 - Rae C13 (@ash.halverson) - 393

267 - Lenox C21 (@1enox) - 387

268 - Heather C9 (@kuzmichheather) - 361

269 - Ebony C9 (@importedchocolate__) - 357

270 - Tiffany C4 (@tiffany.richardson) - 344

271 - Heather C2 (@heather._24) - 342

272 - AJ C7 (@legsotron) - 330

273 - Brita C4 (@britawald) - 328

274 - Christina C4 (@christina_fashion) - 316

275 - Anya C10 (@treechild) - 307

276 - Dalya C16 (@dahlyah) - 271

277 - Esther C15 (@petrackesther) - 266

278 - Renee C8 (@reneealwaypride) - 257

279 - Catie C2 (@catie.palladino) - 248

280 - Sara C15 (@lytlelife) - 246

281 - Hannah C11 (@hanuhawesome) - 241

282 - Kristi C3 (@kristigunther) - 221

283 - Louise C18 (@louise_whitelock) - 202

284 - Rebecca C4 (@epleybecca) - 150

285 - Sarah C4 (@mrs_dore) - 147

286 - Sara C6 (@thehallmarks) - 138

287 - Tahlia C12 (@tahlfarley) - 130

288 - Kathy C6 (@kat.mamma) - 116

289 - Michelle C7 (@michelle.babin) - 82

290 - Cassie C3 (@cassiegjames) - 6

291 - Brittany C11 (@b.r.mcmahon) - 0

No IG: Kesse C1, Elyse C1, Noelle C4, Sarah C5, Gina C6, Cassandra C8, Felicia C8, Jaslene C8, Victoria C9, Jenah C9, Kimberly C10, Katarzyna C10, Nikeysha C11, Elina C11, Amber C13, Courtney C13, Tatianna C14, Kayla C15/17, Ondrei C16, Ashley C18, Catherine C18
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2020.09.30 19:22 axolotl_peyotl Anti-Evil (Reddit Admin) Transparency Report for /r/conspiracy - September, 2020

Previous reports:
December - January - February - March - April - May - June - July - August
This month again saw an increase in "Anti-Evil" (admin) removals. Due to recent updates of the Reddit User Agreement, they are continuing to retroactively remove comments and threads on /conspiracy that didn't necessarily break the TOS at the time they were posted.
Here are all the documented removals from September:
That's the lot of admin removals recorded in the mod log for this month! Due to a lack of communication on the part of the admin team, we have to use these removals as the template for gauging what is considered in "violation" of the User Agreement.
As the mod team struggles to keep up with the vicissitudes of what the admins deem to be "acceptable" speech, it would help if the users also help us by reporting similar content, even if you may not personally find it offensive or disagreeable. This includes "pinging" power users, the use of the triple parenthesis ((())), and "misgendering" or transphobia.
By reporting this content, we can keep admin intervention on this sub to a bare minimum.
Thanks to all the genuine users out there who continue to make /conspiracy one of the last bastions of free speech and independent thinking on the entirety of reddit!
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2020.09.30 19:10 ThatOneChicagoGirl I was almost Trafficked

TW: Sexual violence and Child abuse
I know the man that did this to me- and so many other girls is now free. He may even be reading this. That’s why I’m using the account that my face is not on.
I want to start by saying this was almost 5 years ago, back when the app “Whisper” was all the rage in Illinois. Like most the kids in my grade I trolled the app with fake confessions and essentially just a lot of lies. I was 13 at the time and I grew up in a small suburb, so I was pretty stupid when it came to drugs and online predators. I set my age to the youngest setting they had, “15-17” thinking that it would keep the creeps away but I was wrong.
One day I made a confession saying that I liked older guys (which was partly true at the time, I was curious about my sexuality and was figuring it all out.) Someone with the same age filter messages me saying “how old are you, actually” I was always taught that honesty was the best policy so I told him the truth “I’m 13” He responded “Oh. I’m 17, is that old enough for you?” I responded “Yeah that’s fine.” We continued talking for awhile until he asked me to download and app called ‘Wickr’. I know now that should have been a huge red flag. If you don’t know Wickr is an app primarily used by child predators and human traffickers. However I downloaded the app and made an account and we started talking.
About a week went by and he said his parents were out of town and they left the car, and he wanted to meet up. I said that was fine, he just had to meet my mom first. He made up some lame excuse as to why he couldn’t so I agreed to meet him at 1:30 AM. He told me to “wear something nice and tight” and “don’t wear any makeup”
Again, more red flags that I now know. He looked a lot older, but it was 1:30, and I was tired from being up all night (I usually went to sleep at around 9PM) and it was dark. He drive a silvewhite Lexus that looked brand new. When I asked how he has a license already he changed the topic. That night, he took me to the Cheesecake Factory restaurant and said I could order anything I wanted. He sat next to me and rubbed his hand up my upper the whole time.
By the time we were in the restaurant I could tell he was at least 23, but I didn’t say anything cause I didn’t want to be rude. ‘Some high schoolers just look older’ I justified to myself. He dropped me off at 3AM and I fell asleep.
A week later, he asked me out again. We did the same song and dance where I asked him to meet my mom and he came up with another excuse as to why he could only pick me up at 2AM.
He came at 2 in a different car. A black Audi, when I asked him what this was about he said his family was very rich. He showed me pictures of him in a private plane, a 12 car garage, and a penthouse (which I now know is fake).
We started driving the opposite direction in which he said we were going. He assured me it was just a faster route, and since I trusted him, I agreed. When the “low gas” light when on, he cursed and said we should just go through a drive through, get some gas and then talk. He wanted “to get to know what I’m like alone” anyways. We went through a McDonalds, where again he told me to order whatever I wanted. After we got gas, he pulled into a parking spot and asked me to climb over and sit on his lap. When I asked why he got angry and told me to “just do it” I complied as I felt really bad for making him mad.
As I was climbing over, I saw a man, maybe the same age, maybe older, crouched in the back, I looked him in the eye and asked and he said it was just someone who was “making sure I wouldn’t tell” when I asked what there was to tell he reveled we had actually 30. When I don’t freak out (I froze out of fear) the man in the back moves to the middle row and gets comfortable. I feel Jake move my hand onto the zipper of his pants and squeeze my wrist as he demanded I “Pull it down” I was scared now and knew this wasn’t right so I shook my head. The guy in the back said (Mike) “I thought you said she was obedient” and Jake said “I thought she was” Mike sighs, looks at me in the mirror and says “You’ll be obedient by the end of training.” With a smile and a nod “I’m gunna get some food, you want anything?” Mike goes inside and after a few minutes I see red and blue lights in the mirrors.
Someone must have reported what the saw in the front seat window. Jake curses, pulls out a gun and says “if you don’t say you’re 18, I’ll kill you and then I’ll kill myself. You don’t want me to die do you? Mike and I are going to give you a great life where you can have anything you want whenever you want. All you have to do is listen.” A police man comes to the door and knocks on the window. He explains we was just checking to make sure everything was okay. His partner comes to my window and asks me for my ID. I explain that I “left it at home” and I don’t have it. He asks for an address. I panicked and picked a random address. I try to explain I’m visiting from out of town, but I think the officer can tell either by my baby face, or the way I was shaking that something was wrong. They ask us both to step outside the car and start to search it. They find a crow bar, 2 guns and some drugs. I’m not sure which I was never told I was simply told they were to make someone knock out.
By this time, I see mike in the Gas Station window, and he is freaking out. Neither of the guns are registered. The cop calls for backup and both me and Jake are loaded into separate cop cars in handcuffs.
When we get to the station I crack and tell them everything. My parents are called and brought in. They are livid, and to this day think I am a disgrace for everything that happened. The cops explain that this man was a suspect for over 25 missing girls in IL and the surrounding states, and told me his real name and that he was 34.
My parents decided to press charges because they “deserve to make some money for having to get up that early”. Court starts May 2016
Edit: In 2018, April 7th, the court finally came out with a decision. The man that attacked me hired an amazing lawyer and though he had 500 photos of DIFFERENT naked girls on his phone, along with finding human remains and DNA from 3 different missing girls in our state, he and his lawyer managed to settle for 2 years of parole and community service, along with no computer or technology access, unless directly supervised (also 2 years).
Edit: it’s 2020. He will officially be back on apps, most likely preying on young girls, naive as I once was in April. Stay safe, and always check your kids phones.
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2020.09.30 19:05 boanerges77 Best Coaching Fits

Wanted to give some thoughts on which coaching candidates fit best with each team that is likely to be needing a new head coach at this point. This isn't to say your team will fire your head coach. Do recall that the Titans were like 2-4 before turning things around and making it to the AFC Championship Game, so there is still plenty of time for your beloved head coach to get things going. Besides, with no preseason, these games really don't count right? This is merely just some speculation about if your team fires a head coach, who would make sense.
So, here's how I would assign things if it were up to me.

Atlanta Falcons

Dan Quinn was a hot seat candidate in 2019, and things haven't exactly improved, with back-to-back blown leads against Dallas and Chicago in recent weeks. If Quinn can't get things turned around, Atlanta may very well be ready to make the change, firing Dan Quinn. Right now, the Falcons are giving up 460 yards per game, good for 31st in the league, and 350 yards per game passing, also 31st. They need to get that defense revamped. A new coach will at least have the benefit of DT Grady Jarrett and LB Deion Jones, along with CB A.J. Terrell, who has acclimated pretty well so far, posting the highest PFF grade for the Falcons defense last week.
If Quinn is fired mid-season, the Falcons will probably hand things over to Raheem Morris, even as the defense struggles. Assuming Morris doesn't get it sorted out, I believe the best candidate for the Falcons to consider would be Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus. Some may ask why not the more well-known 49ers DC, Robert Saleh? My answer there would be that Saleh's defensive scheme draws its roots from the defensive scheme that Dan Quinn ran in Seattle, which led to him getting the Falcons job. Simply, the Falcons need a new defensive perspective, and while Saleh would bring a lot of energy, Eberflus remains one of the hidden gems in the coaching carousel.
After originally agreeing to join Josh McDaniels in Indy, Eberflus remained on after McDaniels backed on. Now serving as Frank Reich's defensive coordinator, Eberflus turned around the Colts defense quickly, finding success with guys like Darius Leonard. Through Week 3 of the early NFL season, the Colts currently sit 1st in yards per game, 4th in rushing yards per game, 1st in passing yards per game, 1st in points per game, and 3rd in turnovers with 7 total.
While it's been a fairly easy schedule so far, only facing Kirk Cousins, Sam Darnold, and Gardner Minshew at quarterback so far, it's a very promising start for the Colts. If they can continue to put up great results, Eberflus will most definitely be a top tier coaching candidate, and I like his fit with Atlanta quite a bit.

Chicago Bears

The Bears may have found the QB they've needed in Big D*** Nick, after he replaced Mitch Trubisky and orchestrated a comeback win, throwing for 3 touchdowns on the day. If Foles can recapture some of the magic that took him all the way to the Super Bowl in Philly, Nagy would likely save his job. Even if he doesn't, I think there's a good chance that Nagy stays on for at least one more season, perhaps working with a new rookie QB like Trey Lance.
If Chicago fires Nagy, however, they'll still probably want to focus on the offensive side of the ball, as their defense has not been the problem for them. Instead, a new coach would also mean a new QB, and finding a good pairing there would be the most important piece for the Bears franchise to return to the playoffs.
One coach who I think would work incredibly well in Chicago, especially if paired with a guy like Trey Lance, would be Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith. Smith made the decision to bench QB Marcus Mariota in favor of Ryan Tannehill in 2019, and it ultimately turned around the season for Tennessee. Since that week swapping in Tannehill, the Titans offense ranked 1st in yards per play, 1st in red zone efficiency, 2nd in third-down percentage, and 4th in scoring. Short to say, Smith's wide zone/play-action attack was exactly what a strong defensive team like Tennessee needed to turn things around. I think Smith could have a similar effect on the Bears, especially with a new QB.

Detroit Lions

Matt Patricia may have bought himself out of an early season firing with a win over the Cardinals, but he just his 10th win as Lions head coach...in year 3. Unless he can show that Detroit has turned the corner by upsetting the Saints this weekend, it's likely that Detroit will be in the head coaching market this offseason.
The big question for the new regime would be the future of QB Matthew Stafford. He's a very talented QB, one who has largely been wasted with the inept management of the team and franchise. Stafford will be 33-years old next season, old enough to consider moving on, but young enough to see if a new coach can get 3-4 more quality seasons out of him. I think in either scenario, Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll would be a fantastic match for Stafford or a new QB in Detroit.
At this point in the season, Daboll has helped turned QB Josh Allen from raw upside into an MVP candidate, as the Bills offense has been outright dominant. And while Lions fans may cringe at the fact that Brian Daboll has experience in New England, the difference here is that Daboll has actually found success away from Belichick and the Patriots system. While he'll need a strong defensive coordinator hire to work on rebuilding a mediocre defense, the new coordinator would at least have a decent starting point with CB Jeff Okudah, S Tracy Walker, and DE Trey Flowers. If he can do that, Daboll could get the Lions back into playoff contention.

Houston Texans

Head coach Bill O'Brien is in the midst of another 0-3 start, his second so far as Texans head coach. While it can be understandable given the incredibly difficult schedule that the Texans have played, the frustrations with O'Brien started well before this. If they falter down the road, rather than recover, it would seem likely that Houston could move on from their head coach/general manager, though it's not a given by any means, given that O'Brien still has coached some quality teams in previous years, and is only in his first full-year as the GM.
With QB Deshaun Watson running the show, along with All-Pro LT Laremy Tunsil, the Texans would likely be one of the most attractive destinations for any offensive minded coach. The perfect fit for Houston would be Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, a coach who has received the praises of Andy Reid as a head coaching candidate from the actual press conference he was announced as the new offensive coordinator.
Some have expressed concern over what degree of influence/effect Bieniemy actually has on the Chiefs offensive success, as Andy Reid remains the offensive mastermind as well as play-caller. However, my concerns over Bieniemy would be minimal, given that he's been praised and credited for the role he plays plenty of times, as well as the fairly successful coaching tree of Andy Reid previously. While he'll still need to build up a quality OL in Houston, Deshaun Watson would thrive in a system like the one Bieniemy has helped develop in Kansas City.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars are already in a full-scale rebuild of sorts. They've traded away players to accumulate picks (4 in the first two rounds), and cut bloated salaries to clear up cap space. The brief optimism of the Week 1 upset over the Colts was short lived however, as they were beaten soundly by the Miami Dolphins last week.
The biggest question for a new regime in Jacksonville is the fate of their quarterback position, where Gardner Minshew continues to be one of the few bright spots. There were some rumors of Jacksonville perhaps going for the Clemson duo, adding QB Trevor Lawrence with the top pick, while signing HC Dabo Swinney to call the shots. Let's assume that Dabo's off the table, Jacksonville has some options.
Personally, I really like the fit of San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh here. I think his fire and energy would bring life to the franchise. His defense thrives in San Francisco off of a deadly pass-rush, and the ability to work with first-round edge rushers in Josh Allen and K'Lavon Chaisson seems like a perfect match. He'd need to have a plan for an offensive coordinator to work with Gardner Minshew, though perhaps he could poach a promising assistant with Air Raid experience to match Minshew style.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers remain a very talented team, and thus, if they end up with back-to-back seasons of double digit losses (5-11 in 2019), Lynn could be on his way out, even after a very good 2018 season. The biggest piece to the Chargers 2020 season will be figuring out the QB situation, as QB Tyrod Taylor was inadvertently injured by his own team doctors, giving rookie QB Justin Herbert the chance to step into the role sooner than expected, including a very strong debut against Kansas City.
If things falter for the Chargers over the remainder of 2020, the Chargers may be ready to find a new coach, one who can turn QB Justin Herbert into the franchise QB that LA expects him to be after drafting him sixth-overall. Personally, I think Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich would make an excellent pairing with Herbert, as the deep passing attack that Arians and Leftwich run in Tampa would fit well with Herbert's arm strength.
Provided that Leftwich can find a veteran defensive coordinator to join, not too dissimilar from the Sean McVay-Wade Phillips pairing, think there would be a lot of potential for that pairing.

New York Jets

Currently the odds on favorite for the #1 overall selection, that at least offers Jets fans some hope in the midst of the ongoing fiasco that is Adam Gase. FOX talk show host Colin Cowherd did indicate that the Jets could make the early move to fire Gase as soon as tomorrow night if they lose to the Denver Broncos, a team that will be starting its preseason QB3 in Brett Rypien.
Now, New York presents plenty of challenges in the size of the job, but the Jets have some decent pieces to build around, with OT Mekhi Becton looking strong to start the year, as well as DT Quinnen Williams already racking up 2 sacks after a fairly quiet rookie season. While Bieniemy is the hot name for just about every fan base, the reality is that he can only end up in one spot, and there will likely be better options available.
However, I think there's another name on the Chiefs staff who would be a smart move for the Jets, a franchise that needs a good leader to help build a better culture in the Big Apple. That is Chiefs special teams coordinator Dave Toub. He's one of the best special teams coordinators in all of the NFL, dating back to an incredibly successful run as the Bears special teams coordinator, featuring All-Pro returner Devin Hester and kicker Robbie Gould.
While hiring special teams coordinators is not all the rage these days, it actually used to be one of the best formulas for finding winning head coaches. They work with every part of the team, from the specialists to the DB's, LB's, WR's, and FB's who end up on coverage teams. Quoting Bill Cowher, "When you think about the special teams coach, outside of the head coach, you're the only person on staff who is speaking to the whole team. A lot of what you're doing is more about motivation than it is schematic. And as a head coach, that's what you're trying to do as well". Toub may not be the sexy pick to pair with a flashy new QB perhaps, but he very well could give the Jets the dose of leadership and culture that they need to compete for the AFC East.

Wild Cards

**These candidates aren't as nearly as well thought thru. Just trying to add some other names to the mix, though to a certain degree, I think these wouldn't be bad decisions.**
Denver Broncos - Living in Denver myself, I think there are too many Broncos fans overreacting on this one, but the NFL is not a patient place. John Elway has shown he has a short leash, after firing Vance Joseph so soon, and if Fangio sees a major drop-off, especially after Drew Lock returns, the Broncos may be in the market, perhaps for someone like 49ers run game coordinator Mike McDaniel, a rising star in the profession.
Cincinnati Bengals - Zac Taylor did not find immediate success in year one, even if he didn't have much to work with. They've been competitive so far with rookie QB Joe Burrow, and provided they remain competitive with teams, Taylor will make it to 2021. But, if things take a turn for the worse and they look like the 2-14 team we saw in 2019, a decision could be made. Perhaps reuniting Burrow with now Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady is the move to make in this extreme hypothetical?
Minnesota Vikings - Their defense is a disaster, and QB Kirk Cousins is looking bad right now. The Vikes just extended Mike Zimmer for another 3 seasons, so it may be too soon to fire him, but if the Vikings don't turn it around, would have to consider it. Vikings may want to consider making a run at a top college coach like Oklahoma's Lincoln Riley to give their offense the injection it needs.

Who do you like for the teams with hot seat coaches?
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2020.09.30 18:56 QuantumDrej Does anyone else's call software seem to prioritize a random person who's online for most of the calls?

There's been a lot of days over the past few months where it won't really be that busy on phones, but I'll still somehow be the one person on my team who's taken over half the calls that came through that day.
At first, I thought it was just people not being online when they should, which happens a lot and is pretty annoying. But then, I started to notice that it's still happening even when there's plenty of people signed on to balance out the load.
There's seven people on my team, and at the end of the day, the call count will typically end up looking something like this (generic names used):
Bill: 3 calls
Sarah: 4 calls
Mike: 6 calls
Joe: 4 calls
Andy: 3 calls
Kelly: 7 calls
Me: 15 calls
Spoke to a couple of coworkers about it, and they've had the same thing happen - on completely random days, it just seems to pick one person and send them every call, if it can, regardless of who else is actually online. If they're offline or on a call already, then it moves on to the next person.
It's definitely something that requires more data to even really confirm there's a problem, but I was curious to see how everyone else's call software handles things.
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2020.09.30 18:54 RagingManlet What's the story between Mike and Don Barris?

The big three podcast was hilarious and I heard Mike mention something about Don Barris drama he had in the past?
Can anyone extrapolate on this a bit for me?
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2020.09.30 18:48 Wyn6 Psion Redux

Uploaded an older version without the credits page. Fixed.
This is extraordinarily long. Feel free to click the link at the end of the post to jump to the class doc.
Back in early 2013, during the DnDNext playtest, I missed the release of the sorcerer, one of my favorite classes from 3/3.5E. Since, classes were still influx at that time, I decided to homebrew my own sorcerer. I kept spontaneous casting as a base. I constructed spells in thematic groups called spell circles which used spell dice that allowed you to increase or change the effects of any given spell. Ultimately, 5E released, and though I had some issues with the sorcerer, I thought it was decent enough and put mine away. I was a little disappointed psionics, my favorite class, wasn’t included out of the gate in the playtest, but figured it would be added on just as it had been in every edition since 2nd.
5th Edition released to much fanfare in the fall of 2014. As you might have guessed by now, no psion. So, I thought, fine. I’ll homebrew one by reprising my abandoned sorcerer. Using the base, I changed spell dice to augments and went to work coming up with “cool” powers. The concept was met with enthusiasm from my homegroup and random internet people. And, if you dig around on Reddit, you may even find comments discussing it from a few years back.
I didn’t make a ton of progress on my psion because you know, life. In July of 2015, the first iteration of the Mystic was released as Unearthed Arcana. My first thought was that it was similar to my concept. So, I figured I’d wait to see where they took this and once again put mine away.
Mr. Jeremy Crawford was in Dallas a few years ago and we talked through the psion/mystic a bit. We discussed similarities in Mike’s approach to my own, and where the ideas diverged including cutting some legacy features to fit better within 5E. He was glad to hear some of us grognards were receptive to dispensing with a sacred cow or two for the sake of 5E’s philosophy of streamlining. Fast forward to 2020 and we get the word that the psion as a class has been backburnered and most likely axed.
This announcement prompted me to finish what I started. Enter the Psion Redux.
So, what’s your psion about, you may be asking. Or, you may not be. Below, for those who thoroughly enjoy reading, is a bit of Insight into my design.
What was your design goal?
I wanted this to feel like psionics. There needed to be an underlying theme throughout the class. So, when I set out to design a full and proper psion class along with its six subclasses, I had to think about why I, and so many others, enjoyed psionics. The fantasy of psionics is about using your mind, and only your mind, to create fantastical effects and not having to be some codgerly, staff-waving, textbook thumping, gray beard to do so. Kidding. I love wizards.
To that end, I had to answer two questions. What should 5E psionics and psions be? What shouldn’t 5E psionics and psions be?
Thus, in answering those questions, I looked to the history of psionics in D&D from 1E to 5E, as well as drawing on my own experiences playing and DMing psionic characters throughout the years. I am a huge Dark Sun fan, but it was my affection for psionics that led me to Athas’ parched embrace. So, I definitely wanted to pay proper historical homage to the class while giving it a modern spin that embraced 5th Edition design. My take on the psion and psionics shares some familiar elements with the psionicists/psions/mystic and psionics from each edition, while attempting to bring some unique flavor to the table.
Quick aside about the class name. I think Mearls and Co. were onto something with rebranding the Psion as Mystic to shift away from the so-called sci-fi feel, though I’d argue sci-fi is just a fork of fantasy. That said, I personally prefer Psion over Mystic. I know I talked about getting rid of some sacred cows, but I got beef with dropping that name, okay?
Moving on. The thing about psionics is, it wasn’t simply another form of magic when it initially debuted. It felt different. It was different. Did it at times feel overly complex and tacked on? Yep. I mean, percentile dice? What self-respecting player uses percentile dice? But, as the years and editions rolled by, positive changes to the psion were made. 2E greatly expanded psionics and its lore. 3.5E brought psionics more in line with other classes and the game as a whole. Even 4th Edition, as controversial as it was, added something positive to psionics with its at-will only powers. Most iterations of psionics did a good job in defining what it should and shouldn’t be for its respective editions.
My aim was to carry that forward. I’m not sure the Mystic had a definitive slot in the 5E class assemblage and was sort of all over the place. This is my attempt to provide a more coherent niche for psionics in 5th Edition.
Psionics should feel different but familiar, allow you to move through space and time tactically and in a blink, excel at contacting, manipulating, controlling, and destroying the minds of others, utilize sheer force of will to move, restrain, or fling objects and your enemies before you, and hear the lamentations of their women, create things from nothing or reshape the physical world as well as reality, augment physical forms to adapt and become more resilient, or look into the future or past and use that insight to your advantage.
Psionics shouldn’t be just spells by another name, cover the sheer versatility or utility of a wizard (a mistake of past editions), allow you to be a better fighter than a fighter, outskill a rogue or bard, heal better than a cleric, or commune better with nature than a druid. These were mistakes committed by the UA Mystic as well, in my opinion, except the druid part.
So, where do they fit then? Filled quite well to its ardent fans, the role of psionics in D&D has always been as a niche system, even though it crossed over into magic’s territory. “Yeah! Spells and psionics overlap!” you exclaim. Well, of course they do. D&D, like any other TTRPG, has system constraints and you can only do so much within said system. That doesn’t mean you can’t offer something distinct, however. Psionics has always been about the “how” and not necessarily the “what” per se. It was unique in The Way it did things, even though that initially had it standing one foot outside of the existing system.
The 3.5E overhaul changed that, for better or worse. It invited the outsider in and made it feel more a part of the system instead of like a bolt-on class. In order to achieve this in 5E, psionics and the psion ideally need to mesh with the existing primary, non-martial mechanic, and nestle nicely amongst the 13 other 5E classes (re: not stepping on toes like the Mystic) while maintaining its traditionally distinct flavor. A challenge to be sure. So, how do we do that? Let’s just trim some fat off the elephant in the room, shall we?
PowePsi Points
Gone. That’s right. I banished them to a previous edition’s demiplane. This is one of the legacy bits I talked about getting rid. As much as I love psionics, I’ve never felt an affinity for the power point mechanic, though I know quite a few people did and still do. It’s always felt cumbersome to me. Though they provide a different feel than the way spells have been used throughout the various editions, they:
A) Have far too much accounting attached to them. In 3.5, you could have over 400 power points by level 20 depending on your Intelligence score. That’s ridiculous. Even with the UA Mystic (which uses a version of spell points from the DMG), by the time you hit level 10, you have 64 psi points in addition to everything else you need to track.
B) Power Points/Psi Points needed to be governed by yet another mechanic in Psi Limits (more accounting) to keep psions from being able to use the equivalent of 7th- 9th level spells multiple times per day, thus being vastly superior to any other class.
C) They go against the overall design philosophy of simplicity in 5E.
While those of us who have used psionics in our games for years have adapted to psionic strength/powepsi points and all that entails, I just don’t believe they should have a place in 5E. Can they be used? Sure. But, maybe there’s a better way, or at least a different way.
I can hear some of you now. “Psionics isn’t psionics without psi points.” See. I think there’s a mechanic that accomplishes the overall goal without the unwieldiness of power points... Augments. Should sound familiar to a lot of you. They were introduced in 3.5E, continued into 4E, and sort of exists under the Mystic in 5e Unearthed Arcana. However, even with augments, like a hydra, the power point mechanic always reared its abundantly numbered head. Well, let’s try something different, eh? Let me explain. Wait. There is too much to… nevermind.
Moving to an augmentation-only mechanic still offers the flexibility of power points but keeps the flow of the well-established 5E spell slot mechanic. How? It works thusly. At each character level you gain a number of augmentations which you can expend to alter a power you manifest. Sort of like… gasp …spell slots. As you level, you gain access to higher augmentations (0-5).
“Well, that’s just using spell slots for upcasting,” you say. Yes and no. For the most part, with a few exceptions, upcasting allows you to increase damage, increase duration, and/or Increase the number of targets. Augmentations can allow you to do all of those as well as allowing you to create more powerful effects or different effects within the same power (see powers below).
Ultimately, I feel this implementation of the Augmentation System can be understood by vets and newcomers alike because it’s essentially the way you already play spellcasters in 5E with a twist.
Yes. I went old school with the use of the term “powers”. In the Mystic UA, Wizards decided to go with disciplines. Disciplines to me refer to the theme of a certain set of psionic powers (telekinesis, psychoportation, metacreativity, telepathy, etc.) just as schools refer to the theme of a certain set of spells. This doesn’t seem to be fitting nomenclature for the singular effects themselves.
WotC, and other psion homebrews, have taken the approach that psionics and powers are just different names for magic and spells, or they just use existing spells and call them psionic. That shouldn’t necessarily be the case and isn’t the approach I’ve led with, though I’m not diametrically opposed to it. Even with this version of the psion, where existing spells did what I needed, I used them unchanged or with slight tweaks in a handful of cases. As I said above, there is most definitely overlap with magic and psionics. There always has been. And, that’s okay. Overlap notwithstanding, there is still enough design space for psionics and psions to exist and provide a distinct playstyle from magic and casters. So, what exactly have I done?
ALL POWERS (and talents) ARE AT-WILL.
Okay. Snap out of your 4E flashbacks and read on. I mean, you’ve gotten this far. Every power in the psion’s repertoire starts as basically a cantrip (a tad stronger in some instances). A psion expends augmentations to alter the nature and strength of their at-will powers.
Using my old sorcerer base, I settled on designing powers by theme (similar to the Mystic) with a specific theme grouping like effects together. Imagine a power’s theme like an umbrella. Under the umbrella, each theme is broken down into various effects which support that theme, and the augmentation you would need to expend to achieve that effect.
An example of this would be the Mindfire power (see the class document) under which there are five effects: the At-will effect, Singe, Engulf, Molten Missile, and Conflagration. To achieve one of these effects, you must spend the appropriate augmentation from 0 (no cost) to 4. All of the power effects are different and aren’t simply an increase in damage, duration, or number of targets.
You, of course, have a limit on powers known and number of augmentations you can use per day.
Additionally, I have incorporated a version of 3rd Edition’s psionic displays (Auditory, Material, Mental, Visual). This has two effects. A) It looks and sounds cool and B) it lets others know when psionics are being used, thus leaving them opened to being countered (another issue people had with the class).
Along with class features, the powers of this class hopefully help achieve a lovely psionic flavor.
Class and Subclasses
For now, I have only built the psion and its six subclasses or orders (I liked that name, so I kept it.): The Egoist (psychometabolism), The Nomad (psychoportation), The Savant (Psychokinesis), The Seer (Clairsentience), The Shaper (Metacreativity), and The Telepath (Telepathy). No psychic warriors, wilders, soul knifes, etc. Not yet anyway.
A few notes:
· I’ve not completely settled on nomenclature. For example, I like Orders to refer to a theme of powers. But, Disciplines also work and I’m considering Devotions, which is a callback to a 2E term referencing minor psionic powers. Then there’s, Manifester vs. Psion. For example, manifester level vs. psion level; manifesting ability vs. psionic ability.
· More powers are in the queue. But I figured 15 talents and 73 powers is a good start for now.
· Even though this has undergone lengthy private playtesting, there will still be errors in addition to power and balance issues here and there because… This is a 50-page document with 8 pages devoted to class and subclasses, 2 pages to psionic rules, 35 pages to powers and 4 pages devoted to creatures you can manifest.
Now, some of you are saying, holy psionic attack modes! 50 pages?! Let’s compare that to two of the beefier spellcasters in the game, the cleric and wizard. Breaking them into similar documents, including spells, they come in at 31 pages for the George Burns class and a hefty 55 pages (give or take) for the Hogwarts graduate. My psion is 46 pages without creatures.
So, what am I asking of you, my fellow D&Ders? Playtest. Playtest. Playtest (or read-test). There is a lot of content to chew through and it could most certainly use your feedback to finish getting it into game shape. Maybe, I’ll even try to set up a survey down the road. Either way, have fun.
Psion Redux Beta v1
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2020.09.30 18:48 ArtisticPineapple11 I am fed up... you voted in Biden when we could have had someone who cares...

We could of voted in Mike Bloomberg... but no you lefties just made fun of his big gay ice cream instead... it's so sad.....
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2020.09.30 18:44 Corvette924 Week 5 Match-up Preview Thread: #1 Clemson Tigers vs. Virginia Cavaliers

#1 Clemson vs. Virginia
When: Saturday, October, 3, 08:00 PM Eastern
Where: Memorial Stadium (Clemson, SC) - Clemson, SC
Watch: ACC Network
Odds: Clemson by 28.0 pts.
Total Points: 55.0
All-Time Series : Clemson vs. Virginia
Clemson and Virginia have met 48 times since 09/24/1955.
These teams last met 298 days ago on 12/07/2019.
Series Wins: Clemson 39-1-8 Virginia
Longest streak of continuous meetings: 28 (1977-2004).
Clemson has won the last 4 meetings (2008-2019) in this series.
Last 6 Meetings
Winner Date Location Clemson Virginia Notes
Clemson 2019-12-07 Charlotte, NC 62 17 ACC Championship Game
Clemson 2013-11-02 Charlottesville, VA 59 10
Clemson 2009-11-21 Clemson, SC 34 21
Clemson 2008-11-22 Charlottesville, VA 13 3
Virginia 2004-10-07 Charlottesville, VA 10 30
Clemson 2003-10-11 Clemson, SC 30 27
Series Comparison Data via Winsipedia
Through Week 4
Week Clemson 2-0(1-0) Result Virginia 1-0(1-0) Result
2 Wake Forest 0-2(0-2) W 37-13 BYE N/A
3 The Citadel 0-3(0-0) W 49-0 BYE N/A
4 BYE N/A Duke 0-3(0-2) W 38-20
All rankings reflect the current /cfb poll
Clemson Injury Report
Data Scraped: 2020-09-30 10:00:03
Player Position Status Reported Notes
Justyn Ross WR Out For Season – Spine Tue, Aug 25 Ross is expected to miss the entire 2020 season after having offseason surgery to repair a condition known as congenital fusion.
Xavier Thomas DE Out Indefinitely – Illness Tue, Aug 25 Thomas is recovering from a bout of COVID-19 and will miss an extended period.
Luke Price TE Out For Season – Knee Thu, Sep 3 Price suffered a season-ending torn ACL in his knee.
Ruke Orhorhoro DT Late Dec – Knee Tue, Sep 22 Orhorhoro has been shut down for the remainder of the regular season after undergoing surgery to fix the meniscus in his knee. He stands a chance to return for the program’s bowl game.
Joseph Ngata WR Ques Sat – Abdominal Sat, Sep 26 Ngata has an abdominal injury, and it is unknown if he will play in Saturday’s tilt against Virginia.
Leanthony Williams CB Ques Sat – Undisclosed Sat, Sep 26 Williams sat out the last game dealing with an undisclosed issue, and it is unclear if he will be a participant on Saturday versus Virginia.
Baylon Spector LB Ques Sat – Head Sat, Sep 26 Spector left the last game to be evaluated for a head injury, and it is uncertain if he will be cleared in time to face Virginia on Saturday.
Mario Goodrich CB Ques Sat – Ankle Sat, Sep 26 Goodrich has been held out of the previous two games while recovering from ankle surgery. It is undetermined if he will line up on Saturday against Virginia.
Tyler Davis DT Ques Sat – Undisclosed Sun, Sep 27 Davis is dealing with an undisclosed issue, and it has yet to be established if it will impede his status for Saturday’s game against Virginia.
Justin Foster DE Out Indefinitely – Undisclosed Tue, Sep 29 Foster is out of commission with an unlisted injury, and there is no timetable for recovery.
Injury data lifted from: boydsbets.com
Virginia Injury Report
Data Scraped: 2020-09-30 10:00:03
Player Position Status Reported Notes
Nathaniel Beal III WR Prob Sat – Knee Sat, Sep 26 Beal III is recovering from surgery to repair a torn ACL, but it is projected that he will face Clemson on Saturday.
Aaron Faumui DT Out For Season – Personal Thu, Sep 3 Faumui is sitting out the entire 2020 season due to a personal reason.
Ugo Obasi WR Out For Season – Undisclosed Fri, Sep 25 Obasi will miss the remainder of the season due to an unlisted injury.
Dontayvion Wicks WR Out For Season – Undisclosed Wed, Aug 26 Wicks suffered an unspecified season-ending injury.
Mike Hollins RB Out For Season – Personal Wed, Aug 26 Hollins has decided to opt-out for the entire 2020 season due to a personal reason.
Ronnie Walker Jr. RB Out For Season – Eligibility Wed, Aug 26 Walker Jr. has been deemed ineligible for the entire 2020 season due to NCAA rules.
Tenyeh Dixon DB Out For Season – Personal Thu, Sep 3 Dixon has informed the program that he will sit out the entire 2020 campaign due to a personal decision.
Injury data lifted from: boydsbets.com
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Who do you think wins?
Do you think the favorite will cover the spread?
Which player(s) are you most interested to watch?
Let's talk football!
To vote in the matchup "who will win poll" simply include the name of the team you think will win enclosed by {} as part of your TOP LEVEL comment discussing the matchup. To change your vote just edit your initial comment to bracket the other team. You can change your vote as often as you like until the GAME THREAD is posted
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2020.09.30 18:43 DrFungi914 I was offered this trade

10 team “dynasty/keeper” league. 16 player roster, keep 8 per year, draft 8 per year.
I was offered Mike Evans & David Montgomery for Dobbins, Justin Jefferson & Gallup.
My roster :
QB - Rodgers RB- Cook RB- Jones WR- OBJ WR- DK WR- Gallup TE- Kelce Flex- Jefferson or Shenault
My bench is pretty trash. Not sure if I should go through with it. Opinions?
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2020.09.30 18:42 shiznik Bloody Nipples

The much-anticipated first debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden went up in flames last night as moderator Chris Wallace struggled to contain the rhetorical brawl. Kirk and Steve break down the highlights of the nights, subsequent media coverage, and how this night will impact the Nov. 3 election. Dave Portnoy has dropped a new episode of his podcast with Barstool Eddie; Kirk reacts to Dave's comments on Gaz, Francis, and more (0:51:14). Kayce Smith and Kevin F. Clancy fought with Jason Whitlock on Tuesday's episode of CCK over the role beauty plays in sports media careers; Kirk analyzes (0:58:30). The Steve's a Liar guy sends Blind Mike off to his leave with a touching musical tribute (1:24:00). Kirk and Steve talk about the future of the show and that empty, for now, third chair (2:30:00).
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2020.09.30 18:40 llunita14 CISSP Path Tips

Hi Guys,
I was approved by my employer to get CCISP Training and exam. As for this moment i have the following materials to study:

  1. Official CISSP Study Guide and Practice Book

As for the training I can either choose between LinkedIn Learning (by Mike Chappelle), Open Sesame from IT University Online or the (ICS)2 official Self-paced online course.
I'm not sure which one to choose considering that I only have 90 days to study, practice and take the exam.
Any tips, advise and recommendations will be appreciated.
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2020.09.30 18:38 pscprof Debate Questions for Thursday's Politics Guys "Election 2020" Series

The six NKU students and I will be talking about Tuesday's "debate" on the show we'll be recording tomorrow morning. I'd love to hear any questions you'd like us to address in the comments. - Mike
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2020.09.30 18:29 RochSunnyDaze Moving in the wrong direction

County legislator resigns to go to Ogden Town Board? Anyone know the back story?
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2020.09.30 18:24 FredVegasMike Anybody slugging from Stafford or Fredericksburg these days?

Hey everybody - I am the photo editor at The Free Lance-Star, the newspaper in Fredericksburg, and we're working on a story about the effect of the pandemic on commuting. Is there anybody that wouldn't mind a photographer meeting up in the morning over the next couple days? Thanks! -Mike
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2020.09.30 18:05 lonelystoner321 I finally finished the script!! (Red Vinyl Giveaway)

I’ve been working on an UNDERSTANDING your not so Average Brent Faiyaz discography script all month. If you don’t know what that is it’s a video essay about 3 of Brent Faiyaz tapes with visual effects.
I figured I’d let the people in this subbreddit and the Brents know because I decided I was going to give away 2 free Fuck the world Red vinyls, with the drop of the video.
1 for a random person subbed to my YT channel TOPSHELFMIKE and one for someone who comments on the video when it’s released with an album suggestion.
If you’re interested keep your eyes for my next post to this sub Reddit, The video should be dropping in the middle of next month!
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2020.09.30 18:04 ElderMangoTree Madness? This is a home league! (Week 4)

Hello again, I must start this post with a few apologies. Last week I stated that Drew Lock was out for the season, while he was only expected to miss 2-6 weeks. I guess I did not pay close enough attention to the Broncos' QB situation. Fear not, I am all in on the Broncos: our last hope to get Adam Gase fired. Next, I must apologize to Sony Michel. I enjoy making fun of the guy, but it is purely from a fantasy perspective. I say this because he broke a couple of runs against the Raiders, cementing his place as the second-best back on the Pats when James White is out. I am still not touching that backfield.
Anyway, now to the actual content of this post: my quest to take a terrible team drafted by my clueless mother all the way to the top. This week had me tilted, not going to lie. Because I am stupid, I thought it a brilliant idea to play Minshew on Thursday Night. Nevertheless, The Mad Hatters secured a shaky victory over Ol' West Town Mayor, 112.95 to 105.1, putting the team as the 6th highest scorer on the week and propelling our overall record to 2-1.
The Mad Hatters:
G. Minshew : 13.95
J. Conner : 22.9
J. Robinson : 27.9
J. Kelly : 4.2
D. Jackson : 2.1
D. Johnson : 0.9
T. Higbee : 7.0
W.Lutz : 13.0
Buccaneers : 21.0
Ol' West Town Mayor:
D. Watson : 19.7
K. Drake : 8.4
A. Peterson : 9.0
A. Cooper : 13.1
A. Robinson : 23.3
T. Hill : 18.7
D. Waller : 1.9
J. Elliot : 15.0
Saints : -4.0
What Happened?
My mother felt little confidence with my brother's and my moves this week. After the 1:00 game, she berated us for dropping the Patriot's Defense: her favorite player. I felt a bit dumb, as well, until the Bucs slapped down a 21-point game. Take that, mom.
Town Mayor came into this game limping, missing Barkley and Akers. I imagine he felt a bit tilted as well; why anyone would play the Saints D against the Packers is beyond me. The Hatters experienced a fair bit of adversity as well. Diontae Johnson suffered a concussion, and Desean Jackson is on the team where wideouts go to die. In addition, a bad game script led to a disappointing game from Kelly. Luckily, strong performances by Conner and Robinson helped propel us to victory.
Dropping Desean Jackson for Justin Jefferson: Wide Receiver, akin to the underside of a giant enemy crab, is currently a big weak point. Jefferson, after doing massive damage to the Tennessee Plague Vectors, has been the flavor of the week for all those annoying fantasy football prognosticators who also told us to draft Joe Mixon. I probably will not start Jefferson this week due to the whole covid thing, but he is a good depth piece.
Dropping Malcolm Brown for Darrell Henderson: I won't lie, this move is purely for my own gain. In my serious league, I own Brown while my obnoxious friend has been bragging about Henderson. I hope to fool the fantasy football gods in their attempt to make me look like an idiot. If I drop Brown for Henderson here, then surely Brown will receive the bulk of the touches. It's not every day you get this kind of high IQ fantasy analysis.
Dropping Mike Williams for Joe Burrow: After getting burned by picking up a young QB on a hot streak with a good matchup, I decided to do it again. Burrow, when not writhing in pain on the ground, has been a stud. In an age where mustachioed and bearded QB's are all the rage, Babyface Burrow quietly slid into the top 10 (fantasy-wise) at the position. Maybe I should have dropped Tannehill or Minshew instead of Williams, but who am I to question the decisions I made at 1:00 am.
So, here is the current roster.
QB: Joe Burrow, Ryan Tannehill, Gardner Minshew
RB: James Conner, James Robinson, Joshua Kelley, Darrell Henderson
WR: Robby Anderson, Justin Jefferson, Diontae Johnson, Darius Slayton
TE: Jared Cook, Tyler Higbee,
K: Wil Lutz
Def: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Overall, this team has become decent. Week in and week out we should be able to beat the dregs of this league, but against the top talent, we are still a way away. Week 3, the three top scores put up 158, 145, and 140 points respectively. If our RB core of Conner and Robinson stays healthy and productive, we have a chance. As for Week 4, The Hatters are going up against the underperforming Whitefish Salad. Though 1-2, Whitefish Salad is led by Lamar Jackson, who will look to put up a billion points against Washington Football Team. Let’s hope we survive.
Last Week’s Post:
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2020.09.30 17:58 WinesburgOhio Major conference college teams: Who produced 1 NBA player far better than any other product from that school?

I was intrigued by the huge gap in NBA greatness between the best 2 pros to have played at Oregon State (Gary Payton and A.C. Green), so I looked through all the major-conference schools to see which ones have the largest gaps in this way between the top-2 NBA players they've produced (including ABA careers in a couple cases). I'm not looking at the smaller schools because it's too easy for one great player to be WAY better than anyone else who ever played there (Bird at Indiana State, Baylor at Seattle, Curry at Davidson, etc.). I grouped each school’s gap into general tiers.
SCHOOLS WHOSE TOP-2 PRODUCTS WERE CLOSE IN NBA GREATNESS: Here are the top 2 (or 3 or 4) NBA products from each of these schools. I tried to take a stab at who was #1 from each school and list them first. In some cases it’s obvious which guy is #1, but I kept them here if the top-2 were in the same general stratosphere of greatness (Ex: Houston, LSU, Wake Forest).
Alabama (Spewell, McDyess, Horry), Arizona (Iguodala, Terry), Arkansas (Moncrief, Robertson, J.Johnson), Baylor (V.Johnson, Wesley), Boston College (M.Adams, Barros, Dudley, Loughery), Clemson (Nance, Grant), Creighton (Silas, Korver), DePaul (Aguirre, Cummings, Strickland), Florida (Horford, Noah, D.Lee, M.Miller), Georgetown (Ewing, Iverson, Mourning, Mutombo), Georgia Tech (Bosh, Price, Marbury), Houston (Olajuwon, Drexler, Hayes), Illinois (Kerr, Harper, D.Williams, E.Johnson), Iowa (Hawkins, F.Brown, Nelson, J.Johnson), Kansas State (Richmond, Blackman), Kentucky (A.Davis, Issel), LSU (O’Neal, Pettit), Michigan (Webber, Rice, Tomjanovich), Minnesota (McHale, Hudson), Missouri (Drew, Peeler), Nebraska (Lantz, Lue), Northwestern (D.Adams, McKinney), Notre Dame (Dantely, Laimbeer), Ohio State (Havlicek, Lucas), Oklahoma (Griffin, Blaylock, A.Adams), Oklahoma State (Starks, Mason), Ole Miss (Neumann, Turner), Oregon (Brandon, S.Jones, Ballard), Penn State (Brickowski, Weiss), Pitt (Knight, C.Smith, S.Adams), Purdue (Robinson, Carroll), Rutgers (Hinson, Bailey), Seton Hall (Davies, Wanzer, Dukes), Stanford (Yardley, Lopez), Syracuse (Bing, Anthony), TCU (Thomas, Kennedy), Temple (Rodgers, E.Jones), Texas A&M (Jordan, Middleton), Texas Tech (Battie, Huston), UNLV (Marion, Theus, L.Johnson), Utah (Chambers, A.Miller), Vanderbilt (C.Lee, Carroll), Villanova (Arizin, Lowry), Virginia Tech (Curry, Combs), Wake Forest (Duncan, Paul), Wisconsin (Finley, Harris), Xavier (West, T.Hill)
SCHOOLS WITH A BIG GAP BETWEEN THEIR TOP-2 NBA PRODUCTS: There’s a really obvious gap between the top-2 NBA products from each of these schools, but they weren’t worthy of being top-10 because either a) the top guy isn’t considered particularly great all-time (ex: Butler), or b) the second guy is still really good all-time (ex: UNC).
Butler (Hayward, Mack), Cal (Kidd, K.Johnson), Colorado (Billups, Wedman), Duke (G.Hill, Irving), Indiana (Thomas, Bellamy, McGinnis), Kansas (Chamberlain, Pierce), Maryland (B.Williams, J.Lucas, Francis), Mississippi State (Howell, J.Malone), NC State (Thompson, Gugliotta, McMillan), Providence (Wilkens, Thorpe), South Carolina (English, Winters), St. John’s (Mullin, Artest/Peace/Sandiford), Tennessee (King, Ellis), Texas (Durant, Aldridge), UCLA (Abdul-Jabbar, Walton, R.Miller, Westbrook), UConn (Allen, Hamilton, Walker), UNC (Jordan, Carter, Cunningham, Worthy), USC (Sharman, DeRozan, G.Williams), Virginia (Sampson, Polynice), Washington (Schrempf, Edwards), Washington State (K.Thompson, Donaldson)
TOP-10 BIGGEST GAPS: I tried to be as objective as possible with these, utilizing consensus all-time rankings, measures of peak greatness (ASG’s, awards), and measures of meaningful longevity (career Win Shares & minutes, etc.) -- these last 2 measures more so for the second guys from each school.
10) Marquette Dwyane Wade and Maurice Lucas: Although Lucas ranks inside the top-150 all-time, Wade is up around top-25.
9) Oregon State Gary Payton and A.C. Green: Green has the streak and longevity, but he’s nowhere near Payton who ranks around top-50.
8) FSU Dave Cowens and Sam Cassell: I like Cassell, but he wasn’t exactly great while Cowens was a top-50 big man who was instrumental in 2 titles and won an MVP.
7) Arizona State James Harden and Fat Lever: We all love Lever, but his greatness was 4 years long and got him into 2 ASG’s, while Harden is making a case to push into the top-30.
6) Louisville Wes Unseld and Darrell Griffith: This is similar to FSU at #8 (Unseld also around top-50), except Griffith’s career value was well below Cassell’s.
5) Michigan State Magic Johnson and Zach Randolph: Magic is top-5 all-time while Z-Bo had a good but ultimately forgettable career (2 ASG's).
4) Auburn Charles Barkley and Mike Mitchell: Mitchell scored 20 ppg for 7 straight years, but he was a 1x All-Star compared to Barkley who’s a top-20 all-timer.
3) Georgia Dominique Wilkins and Vern Fleming: Oh boy …. Wilkins is obviously below Barkley, but Fleming has far less notoriety than Mitchell.
2) Miami Rick Barry and John Salmons: Barry ranks around top-30 and had a tremendous peak in ‘75, while Salmons was a journeyman on 6 teams who was the consummate "master of none".
1) West Virginia Jerry West and Fred Schaus: West is arguably top-10, and Schaus had a short career in the 40’s/50’s, making an ASG when there was a 6-ft lane and no shot clock ('51).
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2020.09.30 17:53 Inevitable-Insect-96 How does this build look?

Hi there,
I'm mostly using this build for productivity and some gaming. I'm a programmer and I run a bunch of programs at once, so I'm multitasking a lot. I think the 10700 would go pretty well for the budget I'm in (around 1200 Canadian). Would you guys have any suggestions? PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU Intel Core i7-10700 2.9 GHz 8-Core Processor $494.48 @ Newegg Canada
CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED 66.3 CFM Rifle Bearing CPU Cooler $45.98 @ Mike's Computer Shop
Motherboard Gigabyte B460M D3H Micro ATX LGA1200 Motherboard $144.61 @ Vuugo
Memory G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory $91.98 @ Canada Computers
Memory G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory $91.98 @ Canada Computers
Storage Western Digital Blue 500 GB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive $91.98 @ Canada Computers
Video Card MSI GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER 6 GB VENTUS XS OC Video Card Purchased For $0.00
Case Phanteks Eclipse P350X ATX Mid Tower Case $109.23 @ Amazon Canada
Power Supply Cooler Master MasterWatt 550 W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply $97.73 @ Amazon Canada
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $1167.97
Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-09-30 11:47 EDT-0400
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2020.09.30 17:42 jedobson1990 Redraft trade

Everyone of my starting rbs is hurt or out. Starting Mike davis.
View Poll
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2020.09.30 17:38 sonoma12 Sonoma12's Weekly Challenge Episode 14

Good morning/afternoon everyone and welcome to Episode 14 of Sonoma12's weekly challenge.
Your challenge this week is to create a show/setlist using only original Phish songs that don't appear on any studio albums. (Runaway Jim, Mikes Song, Harpua, etc.) Official releases of live shows do not count of course. Only studio-performed songs are off limits.
Must use a minimum of 17 songs.
Winner gets nothing.
Have fun!
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Bijuu Mike - YouTube FGTEEV 🎵 I'M A GURKEY TURKEY feat. Mike, Bendy, Baldi ... Mike + The Mechanics - The Living Years (Official Video ... JETTIE ROCKS FISHING with MIKE D - YouTube MIKE D. ANGELO - TAKE YOU TO THE MOON [Lyrics Video] MIKE D. ANGELO - OH BABY I (OFFICIAL MV) - YouTube Mike Mike - Save Dat Shit [Shot By Byond] - YouTube

Mike Dee aka Michael Durodola Was Staying With Pop Smoke ...

  1. Bijuu Mike - YouTube
  2. FGTEEV 🎵 I'M A GURKEY TURKEY feat. Mike, Bendy, Baldi ...
  3. Mike + The Mechanics - The Living Years (Official Video ...
  7. Mike Mike - Save Dat Shit [Shot By Byond] - YouTube
  8. Doctor Mike - YouTube
  10. Mike D. Angelo - Break You Off Tonight (OFFCIAL MV ...

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Jettie rocks fishing with mike d is based out of Daytona beach Florida. It was created to show fishing from an average fishermans perspective . I will be sho... ศิลปิน : Mike D. Angelo เพลง : Break You Off Tonight SPICYDISC DISTRIBUTION : จัดจำหน่ายโดย บริษัท สไปร์ซซี่ ... Leader of the Scrub fam, Scrub Squad, Salad Squad. SCRUB SCRIBE TODAY! We play games, react to stuff, or whatever i feel like doing. *DISCLAIMER* All Videos ... Www.Instagram.com/MikeMike_OffCenter https://soundcloud.com/mikemikeoffcenter/save-dat-shit https://music.apple.com/us/album/save-that-s-t/1489782209?i=14897... Download the Song: http://smarturl.it/gurkeyturkey Are you a Gurkey Turkey??? Thumbs up if you enjoyed this music video and song! Get FGTeeV Merch here htt... Official video for 'The Living Years' by Mike + Mechanics. Released in 1989, this single reached number 1 in Australia, Canada, Ireland and the US, while it ... #miketyson #boxing MIKE TYSON - ALL COMEBACK TRAINING CLIPS COMPILATION - TYSON AT AGE 53 ON THE PADS mike tyson comeback clips! a compilation of mike tyson ... artist : mike d. angelo single : oh baby i spicydisc distribution : จัดจำหน่ายโดย บริษัท สไปร์ซซี่ ดิสก์ digital download ... Dr. Mikhail 'Mike' Varshavski D.O. Actively Practicing Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor living in NYC #1 Health/Medicine Influencer w/ 11,000,000+ foll...